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Promote your Certification

Once you obtain your IPC certification, you will receive a certification certificate and the use of the IPC logo for marketing purposes. Display these with pride!

  • * Name, title and company listed in IPC directory
    * Announcement in our Biweekly newsletter
    * Provide the credentials for all badges for conference and events
    * Provide the IPC logo, marketing purposes
  • * Press Release – Get the word out with a press release
    * Display your credentials – After your name, on your business cards, email signature and on your social media profiles
    * Frame and display your certification certificate
    * Send a testimonial to IA to use in its promotional material for the IPC program.
  • * Add the IPC designation and the IPC logo next to your name on your company’s website and promotional material.
    * Advertise staff member achievements in company newsletters.
    * Advertise to clients that staff members hold this designation showing commitment to excellence.
    * If applicable, indicate on RFP’s that IPC staff will be assigned to the project if awarded.

Continuing Education

In order to maintain/renew your IPC, you must obtain a minimum of 10 hours per year on continuing education(CE) and professional development (PD) The CE and PD will be on the honor system backstopped by IA audits. It is your responsibility to maintain records documenting your education  as you could be subject to a random audit. If audited, you will receive notification from the IA within 60 days of receipt of your renewal submission to send all requested education documentation for review. 

Importance of maintaining your Certification

The IPC Certification shows a commitment to your professional development, enhances your knowledge and abilities and demonstrates your professional accomplishments. The decision to maintain your certification is an important component of your professional career.

Why you should renew

  • As an industry professional you are keeping up with the current trends and abilities within the industry
  • Actively involved in IPC, consider it a valuable, distinguishing credential that bolsters their standing in the profession. 
  • Encourages continuous learning and a commitment to integrity, this is an important program for all in the market research community in the U.S. and around the world.


How can I upgrade my IPC Principal Status to IPC Master?
Once you have the 10 years experience you are eligible to take the Master exam and upgrade. You will have to submit the Master application and take the 150 question exam. The Master application fee will be waived. The exam fee is $100. Your Certification dates will remain the same. The UGA course is only eligible for the Principal level exam exemption.
What if I miss my renewal? What steps will be required to re-certify?
Individuals will have 60 day grace period to renew their certification. If the 60 day grace period has ended you will need to reapply for the IPC.
Do I have to renew my IPC certification?
Yes, once you are certified, your IPC term is active for two years. After which time, you will have to submit your renewal form.
When do I submit my renewal?
The renewal application and fee must be submitted no later than 60 days past your Certification expiration date. The renewal form can be found here. 
How should I display my credentials?
The logo may appear on your business card, letterhead and company website. If used on a website, we ask that you also include your name to clarify your individual achievement. Also, we encourage you to use the IPC designation after your name, for example: John Smith, IPC.